Am I the only Apple Fanboy getting bored with Apple?

Yeah yeah, this isn't the first post of its kind. I'm a huge Apple fan, I have been since my Apple IIC (yes, I'm that old). In the past, every time Apple has come out with a new product (iPod, iPhone, iPad), I was first in line drooling and wondering what I could sell to get the money to buy the latest from Apple.

But here I am, with a 2007 iMac. An iPhone 4S, and an iPad 3.

I have no desire to get the new iMac, because in my opinion my Mac still runs the latest version of OS X and runs it fine.

The iPhone 5 was a big fat bore. My wife has it, and It is a slightly stretched out iPhone 4s, with no "must have feature" although LTE is nice.

iOS 6 was beyond boring! It was a gift to google, Microsoft, and RIMM saying "we're just chilling, feel free to catch up or lap us!"

It could be that my expectations are out of whack. Steve Job's Apple was almost extra-wordly in its ability to create mind-blowing, market leading products. Perhaps I just expect too much from a company that set the bar so high?

Also, to all those who say "this wouldn't have happened under Steve Jobs!" I say, you may be right, or you may be wrong...but I FELT BETTER when Steve Jobs was around. He would be cracking heads right now! I just don't feel like Tim Cook has what it takes to bring back that Apple magic? He seems too safe in his thinking!

So the question it me? or is it Apple? I CANT be the only one who feels this way?