Moving from IE10 to Chrome

I've used Internet Explorer basically all the time since I got a computer... until today. I loved IE's speed and simplicity, especially of the metro version in Windows 8. But I'm switching.

The first reason is the constant crashing, mostly on IE10 desktop. Just today I had a few YouTube videos open in different tabs, but then Flash crashed (an exclamation mark displayed) and I had to restart the browser, losing all open tabs. Slightly different scenario a few minutes ago - I opened up a few Verge articles, started typing a comment... but then the text went white, and I had to restart the browser. Very annoying.

The second reason is the extensions - Chrome's are hard to beat. I've never really used, so I haven't really missed, extensions before, but I've discovered some great ones recently. Pocket, which is one click instead of several using the share charm. Evernote web clipper. And Evernote Clearly, which makes webpages a lot nicer to read. IE10 metro can indeed replicate some of this functionality via the Sharm charm, but it's not as quick and extensions such as Clearly just can't be replicated.

I'll miss IE's speed, font rendering (all fonts don't seem to look as nice in Chrome) and pinned sites, but it's worth it. I'll still use IE for pinning and Wunderlist to my taskbar, but that's all.

IE has moved on a lot from the days of IE6, and it's definitely a worthy browser. But compared to Chrome, at least for me, it's just not good enough.

Have you moved from IE to Chrome, or vice versa? Am I the only one feeling that Chrome is still slightly ahead?