Scotts in and no one is giving him a chance

Apple is still an amazing company, their still doing what they always meant to do, building and design amazing products. Now all of a sudden after Steve Jobs died, and Tim Cook took over, the stock market started to go down, just because he is updating Apple products, make new one every year, I am no stock market man or women but one thing I know is that people have a hate for Tim Cook and how he works, that he launches amazing products every year, I was shock to see Apple stock market go down just because they had an amazing year. I don't get it, is because of Tim, or is because it's not Steve Jobs, I see Tim do some amazing work at Apple, he's an amazing CEO. Anyways leave a comment on why you think the Stock market is going down. I would love to know from a specialist of stoke market on what happen to Apple stocks.

Apple could never be like Steve Jobs ran it, they have to leave that in the past and look at Apple on what their doing now, people have to stop listening to rumours, because I find that their just used to make Apple look bad but in the end they do something amazing.