Share Apps Between Users on 4.2/Jelly Bean


I've just released an app that lets you share apps from your main user account with other users on your device without requiring separate Google accounts set up for them. (It can also be used to disable apps).
Only works on tablets running Android 4.2 for now – until Google decide to enable multi-users on phones as well.

It's called AppShare and can be found here:

I'm pretty sure I've figured out how most of the enabling/disabling of the apps works but figuring out how Android handles certain system apps is proving to be a bit more puzzling.
Also I need to find a way to make the changes stick without requiring a reboot but I'm still experimenting and will update the app if/when I find a way...

Anyways, I've put it up here first because I'd really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on it before I start putting it out to a wider audience.

Thanks guys (and girls)!