What's Your Favourite Launcher?

The title says it all - what's your favourite launcher?

I've tried many launchers, and my personal favourite is Nova, because it has the stock look, and the added features+optimisations make my phone (a Galaxy SII) really fast. As far as OEM launchers go, I really like Samsung's TouchWiz UX. It's quite amusing to see how the UI has evolved from the obnoxious iPhone-esque interface in the original Galaxy S, into the refined, polished look that's present in Samsung's current line-up of devices. This is purely my opinion though - some might still find TouchWiz too heavy. Motorola's new launcher also deserves an honourable mention for being the only big-name brand to use an interface that's so close to stock. It's icons are quite ugly though.

Back then when I was on Eclair, probably two years ago, my favourite was Launcher Pro. Does anybody remember that? I really liked it's clean look and nifty features, but it seems the developer abandoned the app a while ago, which is quite a shame.

So... What's your favourite? I'd like to know. It can be one that's designed by an OEM, like Sense or TouchWiz. Or it can be an aftermarket launcher downloaded from the Play Store.