Surface Pro timing

When MS annonced the release dates for Surface RT and Pro, everyone was thinking that Pro would come with Haswell or new series of Core processors (the reason for 3-month delay).

Now we know that Surface Pro will be powered by old good 17 TDP 3-gen i5.

I'm afraid that the situation with Surface Pro will be similar to that with Surface RT. Average processors from the start. Tegra 3 is hardly a innovation. So is 3-gen "tick" i5. In few months we will see a devices with more efficient CPUs and in Q4 we should expect first devices with Haswell.

I can understand that desinging and manufacturing process is long, but in my opinion, best time for RT premiere would be Q1 2012 and Q2-Q3 for Pro. There no objective technical reasons for the "delay" - hardware was there (Tegra 3 / 3-gen i5). But software ISN'T. It's Microsoft fault they are late with their tablets and OS.

I can imagine they did their best, but stil... it's not a good timing at all. Surface RT with Tegra 4 (Full HD) in Q1 2013 and Surface Pro with Haswell (thinner, with better battery life) in Q3-Q4 2013? I think it would be much better solution for microsoft. You can't bring the flagship devices with old hardware...

What do you think?