Remedying the horrible music situation on WP8

I love WP and I love the design and audio output of my 8X, but I'm very frustrated with the music situation. It seems MS has made allowances for local Itunes and WMP libraries, but if your music is stored in any other way, you're fucked. The included music app doesn't easily let you make or update playlists on the go, has no podcast support outside the US and has no cloud music matching. I've tried to replace Spotify with Xbox Music, RDIO and Wimp, but they're all horrible. The best replacement I've found so far is Deezer, which managed to match most of the songs in my Spotify playlists, and doesn't crash too often. The best podcasting app I've found is Podcatcher, which refuses to pre-load my podcasts, but at least lets me stream them.

How are you guys coping with this situation? What apps are you using for music matching, cloud playing and podcasting?