Why the Xperia Z/ZL is going to be great, and better than the rest.

The reason? Sony cares. They care about quality and do not cut corners like competition does. They calibrate their displays, use good materials, use on-screen buttons, and features that people appreciate. The Z/ZL have smart features like the battery Stamina mode, and a great design. Sony puts great cameras, they have Micro SD slots, and looks fantastic. Also, Sony doesn't care if you hack their phone, they even help you to do it. XDA gave them OEM of the year, they have an active dev blog, their return to stock app is great, and they give source to devs, and even have official alpha Roms. Because of what Sony does, the Xperia S was in AOSP for a while. Before Sony's problem was making polished hardware, they used cheaper materials and the devices were a bit too large for the size, but now, they are making the best products on the market. The Xperia Z/ZL will be my next, and it should be yours.