Google and the Future. Are You Ready?

Gmail, Android, Google Glass, Google driverless cars, Android@Home, Google Fiber, the new rumored wireless network...



From the looks of it, Google is slowly ruling the world. In fact, when I think about Google, I often think about Sarif Industries from Deus Ex Human Revolution. Not because they're directly related in any way, but that I can see Google being that large company that owns everything significant in our lives. In Deus Ex, augmentation has been significantly important, whether negatively or positively. And Google today, and perhaps further into the future, is significant to many of us who rely on gmail, Android, and soon for the people of KC, Fiber.

Asides from the horrible and tangent-y analogy, Google is doing everything. They create laptops/OS's (Chromebook/Chrome OS), they own one of the largest - if not the largest - mobile OS's (Android), and maintain the ever popular and ever growing email service we all know and love. They've publicly shown interest in entering the Home automation market - with the Android@Home initiative and the Nexus Q (even if nonexistent for now). They're already starting to expand their Fiber project, and if successful, will provide wifi to everybody to wants it. And soon, they'll release innovative products that bring Augmented Reality (Google Glass), autonomous cars, and a better wireless network into our lives. I mean, think about it, from the products above, we can all count on relying less on AT&T or Verizon for internet, and soon wireless.



Best of all, they're not stopping - and this is only a small subset of their products. They've created "smaller" things we probably take for granted by now. Google Search (admittedly, even I forgot this one until the end of this post), Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google+, YouTube, Google TV. They're even into gaming with Ingress. And who knows what's coming next? They might end up creating more smart appliances for the home, in an effort to innovate our daily tools.

Why are they so successful? Their products are either free or cheap. Who can resist free? Who can resist $300 smartphones and $250 tablets? But they're not only free to us consumers - they're free to other companies and developers. They support open standards, they contribute to open source standards. They're not proprietary like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, or most other large companies - so they make it much easier for individual developers and much cheaper for large corporations to take up their products and APIs. So in short, Google's not the only company pushing Google to us, but others as well: Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.



So how long until they become reality's Sarif Industries. How long until we're completely surrounded by Google? How long until we form groups to rally against their so-called security and privacy breaches? How long until Google enriches the world with its technology?

And the question is, are you ready? Are you willing to let Google take over a massive part of our lives? Are you aware they're already doing so? Can you see the future from here?

Note: This has nothing to do with Google vs. Apple/Microsoft/Amazon/Sony/Samsung/ANYOTHERCOMPANY. I'm talking about Google, and Google only. Of course I'm not saying Apple and Microsoft won't exist in this all-Google future we're heading towards - they will exist obviously, but I chose to focus on Google only. Please don't assume :).