Why I miss Windows Phone, but will not come back.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit of envy from my friend’s 920, I miss WP. I have a Droid DNA, and I love the hardware and I like how much you can do with android, but there are just a few things that I just wish I had a WP for, but there are a few problems with WP that I really hope be fixed. My experience with WP was a Samsung Focus, The biggest problem for Windows Phone for me is everything it does, it does great, but it just doesn't do enough.

There are a ton of things WP does right, but for every right, there is a wrong. The UI is great, and is very good for one handed use, even on monstrous phones, like the Ativ S and the WP7 HTC titan. A problem with that, is that there are none in the states. Lots of people like 4.7 inch phones, and there are none. The Ativ S is exclusive to Canada, which confuses me. All we get are mediocre mid-range crud like the Ativ Odyssey. Yea, the 920 and 8x are great, but there should be more choice. The music player is superb, yet oddly enough, it got worse. No podcasts? Why? WP7 was the best way to listen to podcasts to me, and I really was confused why they got rid of it. Apps aren't a problem for most people, and were not when I was using it, but more would be nice. There are no killer apps on WP. If MS made a halo or Forza on WP and actually supported the WP devices as a game platform, I bet a lot more people would use it. I really miss the UI and camera button, but they need to iron out the problems. 2 things I think WP does way better than the completion that have no flaws, are the amazing keyboard, and the feel of the OS, It’s so much more fluid than the rest. I love the feel of the OS, and because of that feel, I love WP, even with all the flaws.

There are a ton of features that WP is missing. It’s really jarring that they are not there, and it sort of bugs me. No rotation lock. WTF seriously? WP handles rotation well, but I don’t want my device to randomly turn if I’m reading while lying down or something like that. WP is missing a file explorer. I love it on android, and it makes the device feel totally different. You can easily download stuff from the web and use it on the device, download apps, etc. I wish WP had that, and that’s one feature that’s really important to me and I doubt I will come back until MS allows one. One annoyance that WP has to me is the lack of options. On android, the stock video player will not play MKV’s, but you can get a 3rd party player and make that default and watch as much MKV’s as you want. In WP, you have no such choice. Another example of that is that IE is your only choice of the browser, on Android you can pick and choose the browsers. I know there are live tiles, but notifications really would be nice. I love how android does notifications, I know the info when it arrives, and not the next time I randomly pull out my phone.

The biggest problem though, is not the features, but the stubbornness and restrictions of Microsoft. All the problems WP has is because of the stubbornness of MS. They won’t let 1080p phones, so there is no larger size flagship type of devices android has. There is a ton of regulations on WP, so makers of devices will make their high end devices on android, and that's stupid. There should only be restrictions on the low end. They killed Zune, so that’s why music is worse. They will not release any killer apps on WP, so there is no interest in developing apps for it. They won’t make it useful for power users, the reason why there is no choice is because MS wants to be easy to use and limited. All the great things about WP is hard to explain in words, so MS needs to make some stand out features so it’s easy to advertise or BETTER ADS. There is no file browser because MS wants the device to be easy to use and limited. Let’s hope MS stops being so stubborn and let the OS be better.

Sorry for the rant guys, but these are things that really bug me.