Question for WP8 Users

Hey guys. I was just wondering how do you sync your Windows Phone? I don't have a Windows Phone yet, but I was planning to buy one when Nokia releases one for Verizon. Mainly I'm more interested in seeing how you sync your music since I will be using my phone as a music player. I currently have a desktop with Windows 8 and a surface so I will have all devices with the same ecosystem. I recently started a new music collection with xbox music. So the music I get will be from the xbox store. I used to have my iTunes library mixed in with my xbox music library, but over 300 songs wouldn't show up and even more wouldn't sync with my surface, so I decided to start fresh. Im expecting it to be a seamless syncing process, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm a little worried that when I'm out and I want to listen to music, I wont be able to because of the network. So a few questions: 1. How do you sync your windows phone? 2. Is your music in the cloud, and if so, are you able to listen to it where ever you go? 3. Do you automatically upload photos to SkyDrive, and if so, do they automatically show up in your pictures library in Windows 8?