Samsung > Apple

The earnings reports are out and no big shock Apple and Samsung are doing great. By far the top manufacturers in the mobile industry. However, one company seems to be on rise and other on it's way to a blackberry like collapse. At least that's what savvy Wall Street investors are saying...The numbers aren't the problem, in fact the numbers are record breaking. The problem is we are society that wants more and Apple simply isn't exciting anymore. The colorful jobs has been replaced by the black and white Tim Cook.

Forgetting the numbers, technology, operating systems, etc, etc, I want talk about the cultural side of this war.

Right now, Samsung has the "cool" phone. They're selling phones like hotcakes and there commercials are pretty funny, yet not very informative. So...What is the appeal of Samsung?

Have you watched their product launches? JK Shin is about as interesting on Tim Cook, but he can barely speak english. They run on an operating system they didn't create and a lot of their success started from products you could argue looked a lot like a plastic iPhones. And if it's solely because they use android, you could also argue there are a lot of manufacturers out there that have better hardware...and more interesting CEO's.

I'm really not trying to bash Samsung here. Apple has issues and I've said before that the loss of Jobs cannot be overstated. I'm trying to touch on a deeper issue here.

When Apple became the biggest company on Wallstreet, did we start seeing them as a part of the Wallstreet corrupt? Did our opinions change a little bit? If this is true, why are we turning our attention and our purchasing dollars towards a corporate giant like Samsung?

I know I've touched on a lot of things, but I want to squeeze in one more tidbit. I know people from all over the world read this site, but this question is directed towards those that are from/live in America. Do we hold any pride in the fact that Apple is american company or do we see all of these companies as multinationals?