Idea for a leading Chromebook device

I'm a big proponent of the Chromebook strategy. As a blogger, I constantly sit at my desktop, browsing the web and composing posts. When I leave the comfort of my desk, however, I find myself cuddled in the arms of an iPhone and an iPad (I know, not Android devices). I don't mind this set up, as I don't truly need a full featured laptop everywhere I go. However, I find doing any sort of productivity on my iPad, even with a wireless keyboard, is hampered by the lack of mouse input and the screen size.

So, I sat down and contemplated buying the Samsung Chromebook running on the Exynos ARM processor. I almost purchased it when I decided to hold off for a little while. I don't travel frequently enough that I require a mobile blogging machine right now. I then however came up with an interesting concept.

One of my favorite laptop designs, bar none, is the ASUS Zenbook. ASUS is a valuable partner for Google in the Nexus program, being the company that made the Nexus 7, and one need only look at ASUS's tablet and Ultrabook offerings to realize that they know how to make really solid, powerful and beautiful devices. So, I wondered, how could Chromebook's benefit from a partnership between Google and ASUS?

First, take the design and the display (both size, 13.3", and technology, Full HD IPS) from the ASUS Zenbook UX32. Just look at that laptop. Now, yank out the internals and replace them with the following:

  • Tegra 4 SoC (clocked relatively high, 1.7GHz to 2.0GHz)
  • 16GB solid state storage
  • 2GB (maybe 4GB) of RAM

Now, when you take those components, couple them with the amazing display and build quality of the ASUS Zenbook and then improve upon the Zenbook's keyboard and trackpad slightly, you have an excellent on the go machine that is beautiful and fast. Keep the port arrangement as is and it makes it a great leading device for the Chrome OS platform.

As I said earlier, I'm a huge proponent of the Chrome OS philosophy. The only thing I need my laptop to do, really, is serve as a dumb box for accessing the internet so I can do some basic web browsing and focus on composing my blog posts on a device with a great browser, a great keyboard and a great screen, and use my tablet for anything else. I think that Google could get this device down to $300 or so over the next couple of months, and that price would be perfect, a small premium to pay for a far better device than the Samsung.

(P.S.: This forum either needs to be renamed to "Google Army" or "Google Gang" or some other Google name, or there needs to be a separate forum for non-Android related Google stuff, like this post).