Vine + Me + North American International Auto Show = Technology Culture/Culture Culture.

I really wanted to try out Vine. I'm not a person that uses things

like Instagram and apps like that but I took a liking to this app.

However, a lot of pressure to make my 1st Vines something

worthwhile. So since I'm a pretty large gear-head and I'm in Ohio, I

decided to take a trek up to Detroit to NAIAS and do my first

several Vines from the Show floor. I wasn't able to Vine everything

I wanted. There were SO many people and a signal was non

existent. Luckily Vine caches everything until you get a decent


Hope you guys enjoy this Vine journalism.

Audi RS7

Bentley GT V8

BMW 4 Series Concept



Mopar 2013 Viper


Nissan GTR (BOLT)

Cadillac ELR

Mercedes SLS

Audi RS5

Audi R8

This is what I came to see, The Tesla Model S.

This has nothing to do with anything I just found it amusing.