Galaxy Nexus still stuck on 4.1.1 in Norway

People keep saying how quick updates you receive on the Nexus and how an unlocked international GSM Nexus wil always receive the updates from Google. However in Norway, the International Galaxy Nexus updates are handled by Samsung, and in Norway they won't be releasing 4.2 until Late February / Early March.

So our networks (Telenor and Netcom which can only be compared to AT&T and Verizon) will probobly have it out by April or June.

This despite Galaxy S2, a phone released from Samsung, with Touchwiz UX recently received 4.1.2 in Norway. One could blame Samsung for their inability to push the update but I choose to put the blame entirely on Google as this is the unlocked, International version of the phone.

I'm actually scared that Norway will never receive the Key Lime Pie update at all.