A realistic iOS (7) wish list - feel free to contribute!

(For some reason the formatting got messed up, I apologize)

I figured we should see what we users desiree most of iOS, so I compiled a wish list with mostly major features that are sensible enough to become real. The list isn't made specifically for iOS 7, but for all future iOS versions.

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section, or pick out the five features you would like most in iOS.

In no particular order:

1. iPad-like gesture app switching.

Swiping between apps is the fastest way to multitask, a first-pixel swipe would be required. Swiping up from the bottom would show the app switcher.

2. Gestures in Safari.

When fully zoomed out in a webpage, a spread (reverse pinch) should bring you into the tab view. Just like it works in Safari on OS X. When fully scrolled to either the left or right side of the page, a horizontal swipe back or forth should take you to the page behind or ahead of you. Obviously this gesture would work anywhere on the screen to avoid conflict with the app switching gesture.

3. "Official" side menu.

Apple should adopt the "side menu" as featured in countless iOS apps, for example Facebook. Apple should create an API for developers to use, so users won't have to deal with different "side menu" behavior in different apps.

4. Scrollable Folders.

This is really a no-brainer. It's not that elegant to have multiple folders titled "Games 1, 2, 3" etc. The folders would scroll vertically and have "snap-points" just like the home screen to make sure you never se half an app icon. However if a user puts a huge amount of apps in a folder, say above 36 apps, the folder would scroll freely without snap-points (like Safari) to save time and hassle.

5. Ability to hide stock apps.

How often do you need a compass or check out the stock market? How often do you read magazines on your iPhone? Instead of squeezing in all unused apps in some remote folder, how about actually being able to hide them completely.

Notice I say "hide" the app wouldn't be deleted, it would just not be shown on the home screen.

Apple could do this two ways: Showing a little black minus sign on the default apps when you enter jiggly mode, tapping this would take the app away from the home screen.

In the Settings app have a On/Off toggle "Show app on Home Screen" in every stock apps section.

These two methods would complement each other.

Bringing back a hidden app would be as simple as toggling the switch to "On". I imagine some less tech-savvy users might go into the App Store to try to bring back a hidden app. Thus, if you search for a hidden app in the App Store it should show up with a "Show on Home Screen" button. Tapping the button would have the exact same effect as toggling the switch in Settings. If you search for a stock app which is not hidden in the App Store, nothing would show up.

6. Ability to choose default apps.

Apple's stock apps really doesn't hold a candle to some of the third-party apps, so why can't we choose what apps to use as default apps?

Choosing default apps would be done in Settings, apps wouldn't be allowed to pester you with notifications telling you "Blabla-app doesn't seem to be the default app, would you like to change this?".

Apple would have to provide an API which developers would have to implement to enable their apps to be eligible as default apps.

7. Wallpaper slideshow.

The ability to change wallpapers automatically, just like on OS X.

8. "Quick Response" interface for SMS/chat apps.

A interface similar to the Facebook and Twitter, "Share-cards" in iOS. Tapping once on a notification banner would bring the quick response interface up, double-tapping would bring you to the app (this could be toggled On/Off in Settings).

An API would be made available for third-party apps to hook into the quick response interface, perhaps allowing developers to skin the UI as well.

9. Photo Booth for iPhone.

10. API for game controls.

Apple should create an official API for controls for developers to use in their games. This would ensure any controller or keyboard you use with your iPhone/iPad will work with all games.

11. Live Icons.

Obviously no crazy things that would make the home screen look chaotic, but small things. Perhaps letting the Clock app icon show the current time, the Weather app the current weather and so on.

12. Keyboard and Mouse Support (Including app shortcuts).

The keyboard support iOS currently has could be expanded to include navigation, additional shortcuts and so on. Mouse and touchpad support would be a great feature too, just look at all the iPad keyboard cases without any touchpads out there.

I don't want any idiots arguing against this, it's an ADDITIONAL method of input, if you don't want to use it, FINE, but don't ruin it for other users who might.

13. Free icon layout on home screen.

The ability to put icons wherever you want on the home screen, instead of having them arrange automatically next to each other.

14. Air Drop.

Being able to send files "just like that" between Macs and iOS devices, and iOS to iOS would be amazing.

15. Facebook-style photo/video viewer.

Anyone who has used the Facebook app knows what I'm talking about, dismissing a photo is as simple as swiping it away, up or down. This is how it should be in the Photos app, and this is how it should be when watching videos in Safari for example.

16. Browser file uploading.

In iOS 6 (I think) Apple made it possible to upload photos in Safari, they should extend this to cover all filetypes like text documents, spreadsheets etc.

17. Themes.

Bare with me on this one... Official support for theming would make sure people have less of a reason to get tired of their devices. This would only apply to the home screen icons, nothing else would be themeable, but you would be able to give the device a fresh feel whenever you felt like!

18. Search for contact conversation in Messages.

In the Messages app, the search function only searches the contents of your conversation. If I type in "Emma" for example, it won't bring up my conversation with Emma, can't believe they've missed this.

19. Ability to record the screen.

Clicking the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time produces a screenshot. Holding it for a few seconds should start a countdown from 3, and then start recording the screen. To end the recording you would tap the buttons again.

20. Ability to copy text within a text message, rather then having to copy the whole message.

Self explanatory.

21. Combine Maps & Compass.

There's no need for a standalone Compass app.

22. Ability to view message details for every single message.

23. Move iPad Notification Center to right side of screen.

Just like in OS X, it simply looks a lot better, and makes more sense.

24. Improved DND.

I don't use DND myself, so I'm not that sure of the current feature set, but I know there's room for much development.

Geo-activated DND. DND could be automatically activated when you arrive at school, the movies and so on. This could also be combined with a time variable, for example, don't bother me when I'm at location X at times X:XX to X:XX.

Calendar-integration, DND would automatically turn on when you have a scheduled meeting.

And so on...

Feel like I've missed something? Tell me in the comments and I'll update the list!