Nexus 8

So, I havent heard any rumours about a Nexus 8 (maybe I'm just not looking in the right place). I want to hear them because I want Google to make a Nexus 8. And in my wildest dreams it would be a Sony made Nexus 8. If not, then Asus. With Tegra 4 and an iPad Mini sized 8in wide screen, but 1080p. That would make it about 275 ppi, very nice and almost like the Nexus 10. I don't know if that kind of resolution/proportion on that screen size is supported or something, but it would be nice. Just a little larger than the Nexus 7, but better in general. Tegra 4 would be a nice step up and should be able to keep up with the screen.

If Sony managed to make it also waterproof and dustproof it would be awesome. With an HDMI or Slimport out as well (something lacking in the Nexus 7, right?). Grippy back with a nice crisp front facing camera. Giant battery. Do not care about thiness if it has the most amazing battery life.

It should start with 32gb and about 219£ for wifi only, and 249£ for 3G/LTE. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Been holding off buying a Nexus 7 because I want to see what will they release in Google IO this year. What do you think?

I own a Nexus 4 and it is the best thing in my digital life right now (well, this and my Macbook Air). I don't want an iPad because I do not like iOS, but I want a bigger but not so big Nexus 8. Oh yeah, Google should release it with all the accessories at the same time. Dock etc.

As for phones I think they should release two Nexus devices. A 4 and a 5. The 4 would be a 4.3in 720p and the 5, 5in 1080p. Both water and dust proof and with all the stuff thats expected. But they should give the option of smaller screen sizes to consumers. The internals should be the same, except for the battery that would be larger in the Nexus 5. Accessories should be the same for either version.

Hope I haven't said too much dumb stuff.