Google+ Surpasses Twitter

According to Forbes, Google+ has surpassed twitter to become the second most active social networking site. Forbes estimates that there are 343 million active users, which is still way behind Facebook (693 million).

Interestingly, Forbes separates YouTube active users (280 million) from Google+ active users. They do acknowledge that there is an overlap between the two social networks, but not enough to combine them (for now).

The article also briefly compares Facebook's graph search to how Google approaches search.

Its data indicate a marked decline in the percent of Facebook users who are actively sharing information about their daily lives—a significant source of data for Graph Search...

In terms of Facebook’s Graph Search, Trendstream’s Tom Smith writes, "It is far easier to lay social and personalised data over a search product that aggregates the entire internet and links that to users. Facebook is only aggregating what exists in the Facebook eco-system or what consumers have opted into share. To bring this data, which will be coming from Facebook’s partnership with Bing, into the Facebook’s Graph Search will be a far bigger technology challenge and most crucially, an immense privacy challenge."

I'm one of those active Google+ users (and they say we don't exist... pfft), and I'm glad that Google+ is making a splash because it is a really good service. With the introduction of communities, Google+ feels like a Twitter/Reddit hybrid, while still being very different from the two.

On a side note, I went to check my Facebook account after not having used it in a while, and found it interesting that a lot of Google+ features and design has been added to Facebook. You can see it even in the way profile pictures are presented (on top of a banner).

So what do you guys/gals think? Would you or have you considered using Google+?


I posted this in Android Army because there is no Google specific forum (hint hint powers that be!).