Macbook Pro Trackpad Problems

For a couple months now, my Macbook Pro has been having problems with its trackpad. I have it set for a one finger click, and a two finger right click. For the most part, it works as advertised. But, sometimes it gets "stuck" in a mode where any click of the trackpad (anywhere on it) triggers a right click. It doesn't matter how many fingers, it only triggers a right click. This will go on for about 10-20 clicks, then eventually go away. Is this a OSX glitch or is my trackpad crap?

Just some details about my model and software:

"Early 2011" Macbook Pro

Quad-Core/4GB/500GB HDD

Mac OSX Version: 10.8.2

Build: 12C60

Thank You in advance!

PS: Also, when plugging in my Android phone, my trackpad will not respond for 5-6 seconds, is this related?