If the Verge is to publish a magazine of some sorts, its time to rethink the genre.

There has been some mention recently that it would be a good idea for the Verge to create and publish its own magazine.

This is interesting.

Similar to how other news websites such as Wired and Mac Life publish a monthly magazine edition consisting of feature stories and special articles summarizing the highlights of the month alongside their main website, I think the Verge should do it too.


  1. For those who don't read the news everyday, but still want to be acquainted with the latest in technology, will love a concise weekly/monthly magazine format.
  2. The Verge, with all its talent, is more than capable of delivering a top-notch tech magazine that is well-produced, well-designed and well-written.
  3. Tablets are made for reading magazines, and they are just beginning to take off. The timing could not have been better.


  1. Slightly more work.
  2. The print edition would make no sense. A digital only approach would have to be taken. But hey, thats the future.

When you guys started the Verge, you decided that you don't want to make yet another tech blog. You wanted to make something better. So you created this whole new architecture, took a fresh new angle at design and in effect, created the best tech blog website ever, if not the best website ever! Many have envied you. If I am not wrong, many have tried to follow you.

You have ushered in quite a revolution in the tech blog website arena and now everybody is rethinking their website design. It all started from the Verge. But its not just the front page layout or the article layout or the quality of video production, the forum section that you have created is quite a unique gem. The way you treat your readers has got you many fans. The Verge community is one of the best tech communities that I have ever encountered, and you get props for making that happen.

So, its all been sensational!
Now here is what I propose.

.. ..
Reinvent the magazine.
Personally, I am not happy with the current state of digital magazines. I have an iPad and I have subscribed to quite a few.

Firstly, they are damn too expensive! Its as if they have just mirrored the price of a physical edition to that of a digital edition. This shouldn't be the case because the cost of distribution for a digital magazine is zero. The only cost that applies is the work that is put into the content and the layout of the magazine. Now, most of the content featured can be found online as well, so what is the incentive in paying 30-40 a year for a digital magazine? (Note: Did you know, most of the comments in the iTunes store for magazines is negative and about how expensive the magazines are, for what you really get. Not many publications can boast an average rating of 3/5 or higher. Its a broken world.)
The Verge magazine must be FREE. All costs can be covered by ads displayed on the website and in the magazine.
Ads must be kept at a minimum. It should be a pure pleasurable reading experience.

The second thing that is annoying about digital magazines is that there is barely any multimedia content on them. What age are we living in? The text is hyperlinkable but thats about the extent of the innovation. This needs to change. The Verge has some amazing video featurettes and what better place to put them than a monthly digital magazine?
The Verge magazine should feature videos.

Finally, its the layout and the design. I'll leave this part to your amazing team. Most current publications still follow the same visual format for their digital edition as their print edition. Nobody ever took a step back and thought, "Hmm, can I do something new?"

Its time to rethink the design.

.. ..
TLDR; The digital magazine publishing industry is broken and out of ideas. There is so much potential but nobody is thinking. Its time for a revolution. A well-produced, well-designed and well-written magazine that is FREE is sure to shake up the industry and raise many many many eyebrows.


---- Edna Mode
---- Arjun