Windows 8/RT App Spotlight, Part 8

Over the course of doing these app spotlights, I’ve attempted to avoid providing apps in the spotlight that perform the same functions as those previously included on these spotlights. However, as older apps have grown-up and new apps have made their way into the Windows Store, it seems a bit silly to ignore some of these great alternatives.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out parts one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven of this app spotlight.

Hyper for YouTube

Free; Alternative to YouTube+


The app formerly known as YouTube RT has come a long way since I first used it. It’s beautifully designed and well-featured. It includes all the core features of the full YouTube website in addition to download features, commenting, and a remarkably slick interface. My only complaint about Hyper for YouTube is a small one-- unlike YouTube+, there is no way to view downloaded YouTube videos from within the app. That said, the ability to queue-up quick playlists is absolutely this app's best and killer feature.

Feed Reader

$2.99; Ad-supported unlimited full trial available; Alternative to Nextgen Reader


Feed Reader, while right in the vein of Nextgen Reader, doesn’t offer quite so many features, but does provide a clean alternative with an organized presentational scheme.

Multimedia 8

Free; Alternative to Metro Media Player


Multimedia 8 is a snappy player that allows for playback while actively accessing your media library. While apps like Mobile.HD Media Player offer better codec support, Multimedia 8’s interface is better, at least in my opinion, and MKV and subtitle support is coming soon.


Free; Alternative to SkyDrive


Access to your DropBox is now quick and easy in the Modern UI. If your preferred cloud storage service is DropBox, you’ll quite enjoy this app.


Free; Alternative to Music DJ


Jukeboxer is a music-playing app with a social twist. Create playlists and allow your friends to add new songs and vote for others. The app does seem to have some problems importing playlists, but otherwise functions quite well.


Free; Alternative to Flash Quiz


FlashMe is a barebones flash card quiz application—it has the basic features you’d expect from a flash card application with nothing to get in the way. Its no frills attitude makes me wish for some features—like SkyDrive sync, but in the end—the app does what it says on the tin—and does it pretty well.

USA Today

Free; Alternative to New York Times


There’s no shortage of news apps on the Windows Store—and the USA Today app is one of the most beautiful—and it has no shortage of excellent articles.


Free; Alternative for Epicurious


AllRecipes has a large selection of recipes ready for use and enjoyment.


Free; Alternative to Fiction Book Reader


Freda is a epub reader app that offers the critical functions of ereader apps plus easy access to ebook sources.

How About You?

What apps have you found and enjoyed on Windows 8 and Windows RT? Let me know in the comments down below.

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