*Updated* Make Nexus 4 simple for me

First-time Android user needs your help:

  • I had to muster some intrinsic motivation to ditch my five-year-old Nokia E71 for a Nexus 4. It was terrible - E71, not the Nexus 4 - and was barely functional by the time I thew it in the dustbin, but it did one thing very well - it showed my immediate appointments from google calendar, 2-3 most recent gmail messages, birthday reminders of my Facebook friends and my to-do list right on the homescreen. Admittedly the phone wasn't great once I moved past the homescreen, but 90 per cent of the time I never had to.
  • Based on my friend's suggestion that I could replicate this 'all-in-one' info on the home-screen of a Nexus 4, I went ahead and bought it. Trouble is, he didn't tell me how exactly to do it. The default widgets that come with the phone look tacky when bunched all together on one screen. Honestly I just want to put a black wallpaper on the phone something like this and have reminders etc. in text format something like this.
  • Update: This is what I ended up with this. Thanks for helping


via i.imm.io