The iPad vs Surface challenge! [Part 1]

Hey Tribe,

I'm an owner of Microsoft Surface RT and recently one of my friends bought a newest 4th gen iPad and is claiming that it will shortly beat my Surface in any task that can be thought of. So we decided to make a small iPad vs Surface challenge. Here are the rules:

The iPad vs Surface challenge!
Rules of the challange: The are 10 tasks for the two participants to complete, which were created by themselves (5 tasks each participant). The tasks can be anything that a user of the device can perform in a normal life situations (like fast app switching or downloading a music to the device, etc.) Participants can bring/download any additional software/hardware or accessories which can help them perform the assigned tasks (like PDF reader, Facebook app, flash drives, bluetooth keyboards or even a laptop). But actual tasks must be performed using the device'sOWN operating system. During the competition, both devices will be connected to one wifi network. No firewalls etc are used. Models participated in the challenge: Apple iPad 4th generation, cellular, 32 GB and Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover.
Time and location: To be announced later
In a couple of days, we will try that out, and I will post the results here... :) PS. We both have made up the tasks for each other, and it's going to be really interesting.. Get ready! :)