Cheaper iPhone vs. iPhone 5S

I believe that Apple is really considering a cheaper iPhone, it's just like the iPad mini where many people don't think that the rumors are true but it turned out that Apple is really thinking about releasing an iPad mini.

But how do you think Apple will differentiate the cheaper iPhone and the 5S?

For me, I can only think of these differences between the two.

Cheaper iPhone / 5S

  • A6 Chip / A7 Chip
  • 8 MP Sensor / 13 MP Sensor
  • Lower quality body or casing for the cheaper iPhone
  • Fewer and lower storage configurations for the cheaper iPhone
I don't think they will push a 3.5" retina screen for the cheaper iPhone because they are already transitioning to the 4" retina screen.

What other differences do you think will be there between the two?