Experience vs OS

Around school all the time there is talk about tech. Phones being a big one and (while less and less) I hear all the time, I hate android, I wish I would've just gotten the iPhone[insert number or added s here]. Well I get to be in my share of conversations like this and of course I ask what phone they are using. They whip out some budget phone like the Galaxy Stellar or something. Over on the nerd end of school we have S3's, Nexus 7's, and even one Nexus 4. We tell them here, check this out and hand them one. More often then not, they fall in love. They ask what phone it is, where they can get it, how much. They want one for themselves. They ask what it is, we say android and they seem almost astonished, it's quite commercialesque. My question is, while budget phones have gotten us up in the market share do you think that they are the downfall of android? Do you think they are what taints our name?