Show us your post-processing edits/saves!

So I'd made a similar thread to this on another website a long time ago, and thought I'd make the equivalent here.

Basically, I know many of us here shoot RAW or at the very least will alter their jpegs in post with filters. I thought it'd be interesting to see the process for different people, as normally we only get to see the final result of the images. It might also help newer folk see that even some of the more experienced members don't always get wonderful images straight out of camera, although I think generally the goal for any photographer should be to get the best image possible in camera first.

As I mentioned in an earlier post of mine, post-processing has always been an integral part of my photographic process. Although I try to reduce the amount I need nowadays, when I take out my camera and shoot a picture, I don't think solely about how I can shoot the best picture on my camera, but also how I can shoot picture that will give me the best results with my particular type of post processing. Additionally, often times the images straight from the camera simply don't do a scene justice no matter how accurately you represent it. Sometimes it takes exaggeration of certain features in order to convey how the scene actually "felt", if that makes sense.

So basically, show us your before and afters! A brief description would be nice, too.