Apple has released iOS version 6.1. The update primarily functions to enable LTE support for more carriers across the world, but it also introduces a couple of new features to the mobile operating system. Last week on Apple's earnings call CEO Tim Cook offered a few details about the new LTE compatibility: he said that 36 carriers were being added in countries like Italy, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, the Philippines, and some nations in the Middle East. In a press release, Apple says it has also added LTE support with 23 iPad carriers worldwide. Siri has received a bit of attention in the update, and now users in the US can purchase movie tickets through Fandango using the voice assistant. Lastly, iOS 6.1 restores some of the functionality in iTunes Match that was lost when users first upgraded to iOS 6: subscribers can once again download individual songs from iCloud, and albums and playlists can now be deleted from the device. The update is available now for the iPhone 3GS or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPad mini, and fourth-generation iPod touch or newer.

Update: As noted by reader shack1108, iOS 6.1 also updates the music controls featured on the iOS lockscreen.