Should I just give up on my search for a Nexus 4?

As soon as the Nexus 4 was released, I knew that this phone is the ultimate phone, it had everything I wanted, a great OS, great power, and an astonishingly great price, I mean £240 for a flagship phone is unbeatable, I had to get one, but I'm sure the price of this phone has led to it's stock shortage on the Play store, so I went searching for it in other shops.

Sadly it was out of stock everywhere, not a single carrier or shop had it in stock. However some shops did have it in stock, but they inflated the price so much that it was pointless.

So, here's my question; should I stop searching for the Nexus 4 and wait for the Motorola X/ Nexus X, or is their anywhere in the UK that has the Nexus 4 in stock at a decent price?