Smartwatches: a distraction?

I am currently in the market for a new watch, and since I am bit of a nerd, I am thinking about buying a smartwatch. There is only one problem: I have ADD. That means I am very quickly distracted.

There have been some mixed statements on the verge about whether smartwatches are a distraction or not. Chris wrote an editorial last year (, in which he argued that a smartwatch helps keeping your focus on the thing you're doing, by allowing you to peak at your watch and get on with your business. I do often find myself playing with my phone after getting a notification.

However, Nilay today wrote in his Pebble review ( that the constant stream of notifications is distracting him. This could also be a problem for me, because of all the notifications I get from things like WhatsApp groups and Facebook.

So what do you think? Distraction or no distraction?