Killing Windows Mobile is one of MS worst decisions.

The all mighty Windows Mobile, once the epitome of mobile computing, because it was a Pocket PC in the inside and that made it great.

I still regret the moment Microsoft changed focus and abandoned a truly awesome platform that had developers support, a cheering fan base and reputation of been the soul of the high end mobile phones a few years ago.

Windows Mobile was what Android has become today, a tiny computer that lets you be in control when you needed it, an open platform where you could do stuff like you do in your own system, something Windows Phone still lacks to this date and will probably always do.

With Windows Phone, Microsoft created a great phone OS, but it stays right there, just a phone, not the pocket computers we have on iOS and even more so on Android, Windows phones behave like appliances and that's I think one of the biggest factors on its poor success to this date.

Who knows, probably Microsoft decided to make a limited OS to avoid that Windows Mobile ate Windows, like iOS is doing with Mac OS today, probably they wanted to outdo Apple making an even more walled garden mobile OS, Probably they did not expect Android to evolve so fast, who knows, but I can't help thinking in past Windows Mobile devices every time I see a galaxy note now a days, that has become something quite usual btw...