Alright Android Army,

We all know that Google has been relentless in their innovation in Android since the very beginning, but the SMS capabilities of Android is an area of Android that has been completely ignored for years and is now way behind the curve in comparison to iOS with their iMessage and its ability to contain group messages in 1 thread as opposed to receiving all incoming text messages in separate threads, or Blackberry and BBM. The app is so out dated that even on today's super powered smartphones, if you want to delete a few threads that contain a 200 or 300 messages in them it will literally take about 3+ MINUTES to delete simple text messages. This has been an annoyance for years with what appears to be no remedy in sight. Because while it may not be a highlight or a marquee feature of Android OS, it is without a doubt of one the most used features on a device.

I think Google should take the initiative to bring its extremely outdated SMS app up to speed. I personally really like the design and speed of Google Talk and I think they should find a way to integrate the two. Also find a way so that your device knows when the device on the other end is an Android device and that way you also have the capability to do video chat built in without the need of having to jump through extra hoops of asking the person for the gmail account and adding additional contact info. If I'm not mistaken this is how Facetime works on iOS and would be nice to see similar functionality to Android.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think Google needs to update the SMS app? What other innovative features should they add to SMS on Android?