Lumia 620 - the cheap iPhone from Nokia!


I am currently working for an oils services contractor who is in the process of evaluating replacements for their Blackberry phone service. Most of the office/sales staff have Bold or Torch but we have a bunch of cheap Curves our field staff use. They have narrowed it to iPhone or Windows Phone.

As an iPhone and iPad user I hope they choose iPhones but it is looking more likely to be WP8 and specifically Nokia.

Today the rep from the carrier was in with our IT guy showing him the 920 (which they cant actually supply until EE's exclusivity expires), the 820 and the new 620 which does actually go on sale until Thursday but he had two demo units.

I've seen the first two before but I was really surprised how good the 620 is.considering it is so cheap. The screen is really bright and clear, it is really, really fast and the character of the phone really suits WP.

But the other great thing is how well put together it feels. We are talking Swatch watch rather than Rolex but it feels pretty classy and, without wishing to sound too sexist, I can see women going for it over Androids.

The more I looked at it, the more I though, "Hey, Apple could do this." High quality precision moulded plastics, A4 chip, iPhone 4 screen. Only one standard model with interchangeable backs in all the iPod colours.

But Nokia have already done it.