Voice dictation for the Pebble smartwatch

Just saw the review of the Pebble and kept thinking how much better this thing would be if it had voice dictation. I'm not quite ready to buy it yet, but I think with some really slick voice dictation it could make a fantastic personal assistant.

Here's some of my ideas below, but I was hoping you guys also had some good ones:

  • Receive a text : respond via voice dictation
    [this one is probably the most obvious case]
  • "Walk to nearest Target" : Tiny map comes up on screen with next turn overlayed
    [I always kinda feel like an idiot walking around looking at my phone for directions, it'd be nice to glance at my watch instead]
  • "What's the weather?" or "What's the forecast" : contextual weather images shows up on screen
  • "Set timer for 15 minutes" : Set and show timer
    [This would be great because you're always carrying your watch with you. I sometimes set my phone down in the other room and can't hear the timer]
  • "Live score for the Colts game" : watch shows real-time scoreboard
    [You don't have to keep your phone on the table, or keep pulling it out if there's a game on you really care about]
  • "Note to self: buy a new watch" : send yourself an e-mail, or note in whatever app you preset.
    [I think i'd use this one a lot]
  • "What's my schedule for March 5th 2013" : shows you a list of your calendar items for one day
    [I'd use this one a lot for when people ask if I'm free on a certain day]
  • Sidenote: It'd be nice if when walking along, it always just displayed the time so people couldn't tell you were in the middle of navigating, or watching real-time scores. A nice little privacy feature.

If Pebble could do all of that, I'd buy it in a heart beat!

What do you guys think? Anyone else have cool ideas?