Alright all, I am looking for some solid opinions here. Let me be up front and say that I hope this doesn't turn into a fanboy driven argument. Also, Money is not a factor.

Now, I am in the market for a new piece of hardware. Before I explain my choices, let me explain what I plan to use said hardware for. The department I work in has recently switched to Google Drive, specifically spreadsheets, as a means to track work flow. I am a major proponent of this, and have fully embraced it. I have run into a few problems though.

1) Google Drive is a mediocre experience on my iPhone. I absolutely despise not being able to use landscape mode, especially to modify spreadsheets.

2) Drive is an alright experience on my iPad mini, but it also suffers from a size issue. A bigger screen is very much preferred to the mini. I previously owned a Nexus 7 and it suffered from the same issue.

3) My current Macbook Pro is just ridiculously hard to travel with and needs to be replaced.

So, I suppose some of you may have written me off as an Apple fanboy by now, but this is far from true. I previously owned, in addition to the aforementioned Nexus 7, a Galaxy S III. Android was great, just something I wasn't ready to fully embrase. Looking back on it, I have begun to miss certain aspects of the OS.

So, time to (finally) get to the point of this topic. I am torn between the Nexus 10 and a Macbook Air. I understand these are two very different devices other than one being a tablet and the other a laptop. Right now I went ahead and purchased the Air, but I continue to feel this yearning for the Nexus. I use Google's services for practically everything, and this is my main argument for the Nexus. Would I benefit more using the Nexus to manage my services, or is the Air the way to go? Would having 2 different tablet be redundant? I basically want a smooth and easy way to manage all my Google services for both work and home.

So Verge community, what is your verdict?

PS: I know everyone is sick of topics like these. Hell, last summer I posted 2 about which Android phone to pick. Let's just all be friends here and let bygones be bygones. I legitimately want some help here, and what better place than here?