Next gen iPad.

It's safe to say that when we see leaked photos now they are on point. I'm excited about the new ipad design yet not blown away. I thought they would do something more than just making it the same as the mini design, though it makes perfect sense i thought they would do something more wild to keep the full sized iPad fresh. As a person who uses my ipad as my sketchbook i'm a little worried about this no bezel thing. I use the bezel to help draw and hold in one hand. Apple needs to start thining outside of the box again. Samsung has implemented true pen support into their line. Yet the brand that the artist is known for using hasn't.

Will they with this next ipad? I hope, but it's not likely. I don't want to use a stylus with a wonky rubber ball at the end of it. I watched a video of an incredible artist making Wacom like things happen with the note 10.1 and the galaxy note 2. These are acting like real portable Wacom tablets. Plus wacom makes a stylus just for these types of tablets. Something I always thought that iPad would turn into with it's retina display, but apple just ignore this. It's not really rocket science why people don't consider apple to be cool anymore. It's because they aren't doing cool things.

They aren't thinking outside of the box. They are turning into big blue. They are turning into everything they never wanted to be. Yet the ipad is still the best tablet for every day use. If all they care about is the average consumer and not the users that made apple what apple is fine, but they have to understand their professional users are going to move elsewhere. Which is what i am on the verge of. We now have what many designers and artists have been waiting for in a mobile device. True pen support. This is happening in windows 8 and android. Apple stock is failing. Sure they are churning in profits but nothing lasts forever. Nothing. It's a general principle of life and the world. So when things start getting wacky and out of place that means it's time to innovate an do something different. Perhaps start giving people what they want, because without Steve Jobs apple doesn't understand what the consumer wants anymore. Steve made the idea up for the smart covers. I mean this is how involved Steve was in the creation of products at apple. Right down to the smart cover. It's sucks that we lost Steve, but we have to move on. Tim is a great CEO but he isn't an artist. That's clear. He isn't a visionary that's clear. Jonny is a designer and has yet to be tested as a visionary.

IOS needs to be totally overhauled, iPad needs to support the artist more, and I think apple should rethink their design language. It's just not as appealing as it used to be. They are being out designed by other companies.