The consumer printer industry isn’t in great shape, and paper seems to be getting eliminated every which way you look. Yet, BERG design consultancy principal Matt Webb spent the last year building Little Printer, a white box with orange legs that costs more than your Deskjet. It prints a tiny “newspaper” each day filled with your schedule, to-do’s, friends’ birthdays, news headlines, and even the most-liked Instagram picture from your feed that day — all in black and white, of course. It’s an art project that wants to be useful, and to be a nostalgic relic of an age passed.

“We are at the crossroads of media, technology, and experience, playing with what each medium allows in letting you tell stories in new ways,” Webb once told me. “The next place to be transformed is the front room or table top.” In the end of November, Little Printer went on sale for £199.00 (about $312), which feels closer in value to a 3D printer than something from your local Best Buy. Little Printer may have already convinced me that “paper lives,” but is the final product worth your money, and worth the valuable space on your bed table?