My Favorite Android Concepts

So if one thing Google Plus is good for is nice Android Design Concepts by quality developers. I've seen some here but not others, so I figured I would make a thread highlighting the ones I thought had some potential. I've linked each concept to their specific designer, you can see a lot more interesting app designs Here. Yes, we do have some great UI designers on the Android side.

GMail/Messenger/Music/Calendar by Loranz Yousif

Gmail2_medium Gmail2_medium

Google_calendar_medium Google_calendar3_medium

Google_messenger3_medium Google_messenger4_medium

Messenger by Dave Keller

Android_messaging_version2_medium Android_messaging_menu_version2_medium

Messenger by Rajesh Handa

Messaginggrid_medium Messaging_-_conversation_medium

Music by Rajesh Handa

Musicapp_medium Musicapp_playlist_medium