Flashing Android Jellybean to my Nokia N9 :-) Advice Sought :-)

I've bought a Nokia N9 near new with the sole purpose of flashing Android to it. I find the idea absolutely fantastic, from the first ICS hacks, and now Jellybean.

I'm new to flashing Android ROMs, NITDROID etc. I've installed operating systems before on Mac and PC's, and jailbroken my iPhones before many times, although not in the last year or so. I'm a little rusty :-)

I'm planning on booting my Mac into Windows, so I can then install the bootloader etc to dualboot my Nokia N9. Lots of dualbooting all round :-) Do you believe the instructions here are clear and easy to follow? I'd appreciate any help from seasoned Android flashers ( :-) ) possible :-)


"Installation HOWTO:

0. If you have NITDroid installed already then remove it.
As root in Harmattan:

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rm -rf /home/nitdroidAnd skip kernel and sillyboot installation steps and proceed from step 3.

1. Install dual-boot kernel as described here: http://forum.nitdroid.com/index.php?topic=90.0

2. Install sillyboot v2. Details: http://forum.nitdroid.com/index.php?topic=127.0

a. Download tarball from here: http://downloads.nitdroid.com/e-yes/n9/nitdroid_n9_jellybean_alpha5.tar.bz2 , check its integrity, md5 sum for this archive is e2d8a5664c0ff59f2eef51a05a4e1273

b. copy the archive to your Nokia N9.

c. execute "as root" commands:

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mkdir /home/nitdroid
tar xjvf /path_to_archive/nitdroid_n9_jellybean_alpha5.tar.bz2 -C /home/nitdroid/
4. Reboot, push "Volume Up" button when message "Press VolUp to boot alternative OS" appear . Wait a little, pray a little...