Hey! Where can I talk about an app I'm developing?

I put it on this forum a while ago but the mods deleted it because they don't allow people to promote their apps. You're only allowed to talk about apps that are already hugely successful. The mods do a great job. But, kinda annoying, you know? You pay £18,000 to develop an app. You work your ass off, then you go to your favourite tech website, into their forum, specifically into their App sub forum, to ask people what they think about your app and they delete it. Sorry guys I'm just still sore about it.

£18k is $28,280.90 by the way.

So the app is on the app store but there's no way I'm going to link to it, so ease up on the delete button their mod buddy. Won't even mention it's name. You're not hearing it from me.

Instead, I'll just describe it and you can tell me what you think.

It's a way for sharing pictures and words with each other. It's blog-like in its format but works more like twitter/instagram. It's really simple. Like, honestly, I'd show you a screenshot if I could and you'd be like, "That's really simple..." It's probably closest to Tumblr but it not really like Tumblr at all.

Basically the screen comes up with rows of three icons. Each icon looks a bit like a book/folder with a full-bleed image and title on it. Underneath the icon is the name and date stamp. It looks way more graphic than twitter/instagram. As all you see are little picture icons. You tap one and you get taken inside, where, it might be a recipe, short story, photo diary... you know, anything pictures and words can be. It's vertical scrolling like a blog.

You follow people like on twitter.

The simplest bit is how you make one of these things. takes like two minutes. You just add pictures and words. Or just pictures or just words and press 'publish' and there it is in your stream.

The thing isn't totally ready yet. Thirty thousand dolloars only gets you so far apparently. It works, but there're features missing that people would just be like "what you can't even delete one of these things after you've published one?" But it's too late to stop now!