Comments to 128GB iPad

Apple press has officially announced that Apple will be selling a 128GB iPad for $799( for Wi-Fi only version and $929 for Cellular+Wi-Fi versions, starting on Feb 5.

Official Press Release

Following the news, CNET posted on Facebook, "Apple has unveiled a 128GB fourth-gen iPad starting at $799. Will you be getting one?" The replies to this post are so silly and foolish that I couldn't resist sharing them with you.

Way to be innovative.

Consumers want innovations. Not incremental dollups of memory served up at extortionist rates.

Apple running out of ideas...I bet the next iPad is longer....and that's it....then the next one will have 256GB storage ...

Tell me this isn't their "new" marketing scheme. From changing the screen size, now we change the size of the memory

Geez.. heck no. That's way too pricey. Apple needs to get a grip.

Apple can suck it. As soon as someone buys it a new one will come out in 2 months. They are dumping on their customers now. They will fail w/o Steve there to lead them

There are just few of many comments that totally fail to understand the target market for the 128GB iPad. These are just few of the comments made by people who find every possible way to criticise Apple. These are just few of the comments made by people who directly make a criticism without even finding out about Apple's intention of releasing it, despite all the detailed elaborations in the press release.

I am just sick of it. I hope you didn't make such kind of judgement at 128GB iPad .