Nexus 4 restock - place your bets...

So, it is coming back. Excited?

But let's see if Google have got their buying experience sorted yet. Last time, it sold out within minutes. So let's have some fun. :)

Post a comment below saying for how long you think the phone will be in stock before that dredded 'Sold Out' or 'available in 6-8 weeks' notice appears.

To place your bet, give a country and the local time you think it will sell out - For example, UK: 17:43. Alternatively, if you think that Google and LG will be able to meet demand this time then post 'I believe!' or some other amusing quip. Make me laugh. Go on, I dare you.

To confirm, we are betting on the moment the notice moves from 'available' to the next stage (available in 2-3 weeks or sold out etc.).

The clock is ticking... PLACE YOUR BETS!