Please reccomend me an Ultrabook/Hybrid windows 8 device for University

I have not been following the Ultrabook/Hybrid scene lately so i have no idea what to buy for University. I NEED YOUR HELP!

Here is what i am looking for:

1.Atleast a Core i5 processor

2.Dedicated graphics would be nice (needed for CAD programs)

5.Atleast 4 Gigs Of RAM

6.700 - ish Gigs of HDD (SSD would be great)

7.USB 3.0, HDMI are a must (Optical Disk Drive would be nice)

8.Slim form factor

9.Perferably 14 inch screen

10.Detachment option would be really handy

11.If there are no ultrabooks availiable like that then a AMD A10 computer would be fine (I perfer Intel however)

12.Most importantly it would be helpful if the laptop was under 800 CAD

THANKS ALOT IN ADVANCE ! PS: i was looking at this laptop, is it a good buy: the asus s46cm its on for 754 CAD