Has anyone compared Chrome OS to RT?

Alright guys and gals. This is one of those posts I'm a little scared to make but here it goes.

The rise of the in-between OS has left us with two beefed up mobile OSs (iOS and Android), One pared down desktop OS (RT), and a ground up web based OS. I'm talking about the in-between as it's not quite a desktop but not quite a mobile either.

I was recently looking for a new computer for my parents and I'm faced with more options than ever. We've been using Windows since 3.1 so they just instinctively look at new full Windows machines but their entire lives in the computer are in the web browser, Microsoft Office, tax software (now online) and Zune. (Yes, I bought my parents a Zune) It was when considering this that I came to understand these new OSs that I had no clue as to why they were succeeding. I'm a video production major with background in computer science and development. I live in Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, and the like. I love my Windows 7 desktop and MacBook Pro.

I came to consider Chrome after my school's library installed some chrome desktops and I discovered how great they are if you are just in the web. And they are super cheap. $250 bucks for that Samsung laptop; they're almost disposable.


Knocking together a Windows XP box for the Zune is not a huge deal so the Chrome option keeps on coming back to me. Also being half the cost of a decent RT setup.

So for an older couple (50ish average age) that's pretty OK with a computer, won't you guys join me in the discussion of the following topics? Also feel free to bring up something I haven't thought of.

-Does RT work with Zune? My parent's massive collection of nearly 5 gigabytes of music shouldn't be a problem. lol.

-Is Office on RT staggeringly better than Google Docs?

-Skydrive vs. Google Drive. (Google gives you 100GB, don't know about RT)

-Sound quality. (they are enamored with the concept of streaming music)

-Is the touch screen worth it?

Thanks everyone. I encourage you to keep this civil and to alleviate any confusion, I am very good with computers and don't need a lesson in hardware and software compatibility, but would rather like to converse about it!