Microsoft need to unify online services/accounts/subscriptions/costings

So at the moment, there's the following services which I currently use/want to use over my Windows 7 laptop (was Windows 8 for three months), my Surface RT, Xbox and Windows Phone:


-Office 365


-Outlook email

-Windows Phone

-Xbox Live (subscription and points)

-Xbox music

-Xbox video

Now, I pay for Xbox Live Gold already, and have purchased 3 Xbox consoles, 5 Windows Phones, two laptop's and a Surface RT, as well as Office and Skype mins over the past two years. But, I still only have 7GB of Skydrive storage for free (I missed the 25GB offer).

Everything is all over the place, pricing and subscriptions are confusing and there's no single location to add subscriptions, manage them and so on.

What we have instead is a ton of separate services that you pay for to access under one account, across multiple devices, but manage in isolation for the most part AND get varying levels of functionality across devices: (Which means altogether it seems like bad value for money, and is highly frustrating)

£89.90 for 12/Mo Xbox Music

£39.99 for 12/Mo Xbox Live (direct from MS price)

£6-16-£32.00 per year for Skydrive storage (20GB/50GB/100GB)

Rent/purchase/subscribe to Xbox video content at an additional cost

£79.99 PER YEAR for Office 365 OR £59.99 for Office 365 for 4 years (granted, you do get 20GB of skydrive, and 60 Skype mins/Mo - STUDENTS ONLY)

£41.28 per year for Skype Premium

Add to this the cost of:

-Purchasing DLC from the Xbox Live marketplace

-Purchasing applications from the Windows 8/RT/Windows Phone store

And you're spending an absolute fortunate in addition to hardware to enjoy and unlock the true potential of Microsoft's ecosystem.

There's also no REAL way that I can see that we can fully manage our Microsoft Account and ALL associated services in one place. I wish I could login to one location and manage all of my subscriptions, content, downloaded programs and everything else all in ONE place. For instance, I can "find my phone" on the same website as I can check out my Xbox Live gamertag or subscription, one the same place I can manage Skydrive, Office subscriptions and add Skype minutes.

I really think they need to streamline and simplify all of these services and COSTS right down. Allow users to create tailor made packages still, but do it all in one place and offer more discounts for more services. To be honest, when buying A Surface or Windows Phone users should get X free Skype mins, or xMB/GB of Skydrive storage, or X free days/months on Xbox Music.

I don't know, but everything just seems too messy to bother with at the moment. If they really tie things together properly the value in the proposition will come out.