New Apple Lineup

This is, in my dream world, what I want Apple's lineup to be by the end of 2013. Some of this is a bit radical, and really are just ideas, nothing more, so please don't completely demolosh them in the comments section.

iPhone - 4.4 inch 720p display. The display is edge to edge and the body is a lot thinner and more curved than the iPhone 5, so it still fits in your hand perfectly. (updated)

iPhone - 4 inch, with same specs as the iPhone 4S, and a polycarbonate body.

iPad - 9.7 inch - Same design as iPad Mini, but bigger.

iPad - 8 inch - Retina display and better specs, just to shut them up.

iPod - iPod Touch, but with 16GB model to reduce price, as well as 128GB model.

Macbook - MacBook Air with the power and retina display of the MacBook Pro.

iMac - The current iMac.

Mac Pro - Not much changed, slightly cleaned up visually, improved specs (updated)

Mac Mini - The current Mac Mini.

As you can see, this would reduce Apple's lineup considerably. I've also decided to clean up the names of the products a little bit.