Hindsight is a Mother lover

You know I have to ask, doesn't it seem that the debate around Windows 8 from PC sales, the Surface, and OEMs seem to just run around in a circle?

I mean at the end of the day all our fighting, arguing, and debating is around the desktop and whether Windows 8 is pleasure or a pain on it. It seems as if we are fighting about one battle in the middle of a war that people think is just some skirmish.

The market, analyst, and tech writers act as if Windows 8 was going to be the answer to the PC markets prayers and it never really was. The PC market , computing in general is shifting away from traditional form factors. It doesn't mean that the desktop is dead but its role as the main device has receded.

And that is what Windows 8 and RT have been about, moving to answer changes in the market. Its something I think the OEMs don't get because if they did they would've at least had Core based tablets/convertibles on shelves at launch.

And yet here we are going at each other over the Start orb as if it being there would make a difference. Or if pleading with Microsoft to make it easier to stay away from the icky Start Screen would suddenly have people running to buy laptops designed 5 years ago.

The truth is as much as people would like to say that most people would be better off with a laptop, they are going for tablets and hybrid solutions. I mean there is a large contingent of people on various versions of Windows and they are buying tablets for the small amount they do and not the millions of little things that set Power users hearts aflutter.

And honestly the other thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme is how Microsoft is late to market or by doing X, Windows 8 or the Surface would do well. And while everyone has there own opinion all of it seems to stem from hindsight.

Now there is a saying that Life is a bitch, but Hindsight is a motherfucker. Everything is clearer after the fact; mistakes and missteps can be pinpointed when its over. And future trends are self evident after they come to market. And it just seems that Microsoft gets held and judged by decisions and events that many overlooked.

I'm not saying this to be some shill (because if I am a MS shill I would like to be paid for my services); mistakes have been made and will still be made. But outside of history let us not be bound by playing history gotcha.

To me Windows 8 is not about propping up the Windows market share (if that was the case we would be arguing over Windows 7.5) but about getting into the next consumer computing market. Is it perfect no; did it set the world on fire, no; does it have a hill to climb, hell yes but that is have the fun of technology now isn't it?