Where the Heck is Nexus TV?

Apple's going to go for the living room. Today's Verge article shows hints of a new Apple TV. If Apple brings its ecosystem to the TV and opens up to 3rd party apps, it'll be 2007 all over again and Google won't catch up for 4 years.

So why is there not even a shred of evidence of a Nexus Google TV? Google must go into the living room. It's now or 2017. Google doesn't even have to do that much.

Make a pure Google TV with no bloatware.

Have a simple remote.

Have Miracast onboard.

Use Android 4.2. It's 2013. Let Honeycomb die.

Sell it for $99 or less.

Why isn't Google doing this? Or is Google doing this and is really really good at hiding it?