IOS' main advantage over Android

I have to say that iOS and the original iPhone changed what i expected while interacting with a "machine," the mouse never felt right after that. But after having the original iPhone and iPhone 3S it was time to try out android. I used various android phones; HTC aria, Samsung captivate, HTC inspire, skyrocket, lg esteem, galaxy nexus and the first inconia tablet from Acer.

Between my skyrocket and nexus i decided to start using a iphone 4s after getting an ipad 3. It was a decision I quickly regretted the fundamental way things were done in iOS didn't feel right, being unable to choose new default apps and the limited ability to email attachments, but I did enjoy my iPad 3 because iWork was amazing. Interacting with it with touch and a stylus felt right when producing reports moving around tables and pictures. Minus the lack of some features it was one of the best office suite experiences I had ever had.

In the "post pc" world iOs' iWork is second to none and for the majority of people a great replacement even to Microsoft office. I believe to reach complete awesomeness android needs its own great productivity office suite, especially to sell more of its tablets.

Can drive transform into an iWork competitor? Do you think it needs to?