Is WP UAC restricting developers from coming up with innovative apps?

In WP simple operations like pinning an app to the start menu, composing and sending sms/mails etc requires the user’s intervention. An app cannot do any of these operations without the user’s consent. To make matters worse, there isn’t a “Don’t ask me again”or “I trust this application with my email/sms” option in WP. This limits the type of applications an app developer can churn out and limits the developer’s creativity.

I feel MSFT should do one of the following:

- Add an option (under settings) to allow the user to mark an application as trusted so that it can perform mail/sms (and similar) operations without the user’s intervention similar to configuring background apps.

- The application can inform its intention through the app capability options and this is informed to the user when the app is being installed.

Of course, there is always a downside to having malware apps abusing the system. But this can be mitigated by the Microsoft Store (test) team by screening the app and tightening their tests against an app.

Any comments or are you developers/users happy without this?