Question about Samsung

I just read the story about Samsung releasing Tizen phones and was wondering.

Does Android need Samsung more than Samsung needs Android?

I think it does. The only real obstacle Samsung would face by going all in with Tizen would be the apps, the Galaxy brand already has enough cachet to survive on its own without Android, so I'm sure if a future Galaxy S was powered by Tizen it would still sell just as many units, and it would give Samsung a chance to build out it's own ecosystem.

If Samsung got a few big developers to remake or port their apps to the 'S App Store', I'm confident that other developers would follow, especially considering Samsung's sale numbers of Galaxy S's alone. A lot of work would have to be put into the development of the app store though, starting off without an official Twitter and Facebook app and at least a third-party Youtube app would deem it almost irrelevant.

What do you think?